How to Protect Your Patio Table with A Waterproof and Heavy-Duty Table Cover

Patio furniture is a beautiful and important piece in our lounge. What would we do without a patio table to put our drinks or meals on as we enjoy the breeze outside our houses from time to time? Patio tables come in different shapes, mostly oval, rectangular, or circular. They are meant to make us feel as comfortable in our lounge as we’d have been inside the house. A calm afternoon on the patio feels refreshing, with snacks on top of the table and your favorite drink.

I am just trying to paint you a picture of how important our patio furniture is to us, especially the table. Why not embark on checking out ways to protect this piece of furniture that is of so much importance to us with this revelation in mind? Have you thought about putting a patio table cover over your patio table?

It is one thing to purchase a patio table bags and covers marvel at its beauty every time you pass by your patio lounge. However, it is an entirely different feeling to sit and watch your table changing its color, texture, and feel from all the extreme weather conditions it is exposed to by remaining in the patio area for too long. These outdoor elements include dirt, sun, snow, rain, and droppings left by birds and insects. So how do you save your table from undergoing these changes and maintain its look so that it remains as if it was still new in a long time?

The only solution is getting your patio table one of these heavy-duty patio furniture covers. With these, you are guaranteed maximum protection against the elements that could cause the patio table’s destruction. Being waterproof and from Oxford fabric, you are guaranteed to have your table looking spotless and ageless years after owning it.

Whether your table is circular or rectangular, you have a choice when it comes to picking a cover that suits these furniture shapes. How best can you prevent the sun from damaging your patio table than with a cover that has UV-stabilized coating added to it? This coating the damaging rays of sunlight before they get into contact with the table surface.

Don’t trouble yourself wondering how any table cover can prevent your table from all that when the said table is already so big. In this case, the table cover can provide an all-rounded cover without leaving much space exposed. Our big size custom patio table cover is 23 inches high, 42.5 inches wide, and 82.5 inches long. The best part of all, it’s hard to be blown away by the wind, no matter how strong the wind is. The hems are fitted with adjustable cords fixed around the table legs to ensure the cover clings closely enough.

Table covers are the best thing that could happen to your table as well as your wallet. It’s the easy way out of those repair costs. Get one. Contact us today to customize some of their own covers for your outdoor furniture!